Rental Research, Inc.

Rental Research opened for business in 1978. It is the oldest active tenant screening company In Washington State. The company consisted of a few clients and one Radio Shack 80 computer powered by a tape drive and a modem to pull credit. The company quickly grew to several thousand active members and added employment screening services. Our company continues to provide our clients with accurate, timely information. We are big enough to provide a full range of services to you but small enough to give you individual attention.

In 1986 Rental Research, Inc. co-founded the National Association of Screening Agencies (NASA). This organization had an impact on the growth and nature of the background screening industry. Today Rental Research/Background Research, Inc. is an active member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). NAPBS keeps us informed about legislation affecting screening, best practices, and the latest industry news and trends.

In 2000 Rental Research, Inc. began doing pre-employment screening for a number of businesses and organizations. This was in response to the growing need of employers to screen their employees and organizations to prescreen their volunteers. We also found that many of our tenant screening clients needed to screen their employees as well as their tenants. As word has gotten out that we do employment screening as well as tenant screening this portion of our business has continued to grow and expand which led us to do business as Background Research, Inc. The change in the scope of our business has not changed our approach to serving you.