RRI Announcements
We will be closed May 27-29 for Memorial day and July 3 & 4th for Independence Day. Get set up with our new system for reports 24/7/365.

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Rental Research Inc. (dba Background Research Inc.)

Background Research, Inc. has over 36+ years experience (since 1978) of researching residential rental tenants and employment screening. Our industry solutions can help ensure you hire the best employees for the job. 

BRI protectYourBusiness*  PRESS RELEASE:  Rental Research Inc. (dba Background Research Inc.) is pleased to announce that we have upgraded, improved, and sped up reports for our members. We now have a national database/report platform that we think is the best in the nation. We have been training and testing it with a local property management firm for several weeks. It’s so darn good, it will make you want to do a “Happy Dance”.

This system is “state of the art” which means that security is tighter. Each member must be individually set up. There are a few minutes of training involved also. Access is IP sensitive (Internet Protocol), which means the program must recognize the computer/device you are using.

In most cases you will be able to get the same reports you are familiar with at RRI almost instantly 24 hours a day. Some data reports requires review by us (during business hours) before being released.

Depending on your level of membership, you may have access to new reports.

BRI ScreeningServicesWashington State Sales Tax will be calculated and added to the report cost.

The reports will be paid by credit card at the time of request, either by the member’s credit card on file, or the applicant’s credit card submitted at the request.

Give us a call (253-838-9545) or email us  Research@researchinc.net

Let us help you get setup.

-The Rental Research/Background Research Team.


Certified Membership

Certified Members are our VIP level members and receive full credit file information. Certified Members receive a full print out of the credit report (FICO score optional) and have access to all reports offered by Rental Research, Inc.


Become a Certified Member

Step 1:

Call office to get latest Certified Member Application.

What is needed:

> Complete the Membership Application

> Banking Reference (Included in Application)

> Letter of Intent (Included in Application)

> Copy of Phone Bill

> Copy of Business License


Step 2:

Your office will need a Site Inspection  *Not required if your office has already had this inspection*

To Request a Site inspection through Trendsource you will need to open an account, fill out a form online, and pay with a credit card. Trendsource will email you and schedule an inspection time.

-- OR --

Complete and fax in a Site Inspection Order Form or a Fill-In PDF that can be emailed in.


Express Report

The Express Report is engineered to give you the high value information you need for making a decision quickly. The Express Report is returned to you during business hours. With the Express Report you get the great information you need Right Now!

Express Report:
  (email us for pricing)

Ø Full Credit Report

Ø Criminal History Nationwide

Ø Sex Offender Search

Ø WA State Eviction History

Ø SSN Verification

Ø ID & Address Verification

Ø Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC - terrorist report)

Ø RPS Rental Payment Score Worksheet…You quickly calculate and grade the data which is important to you. Just fill in the boxes. Training and tips available here!






Welcome to Rental Research:  If you have any questions you can contact us either using the LiveChat button to the right, or leave an offline message and we'll respond the next business day. 

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"The absolutely best tenant screening service with fast reports and excellent customer services. I'd highly recommend them to my property owner friends for all their rental services." - R from Federal Way

"I used the new express report last week and I want to let you know that it's great from a user standpoint. I've got multiple smaller properties, and in the past I always had to drive back to my office as soon as I got an application to scan it and send. Now I can send you the info from my phone and save a trip back to the office. This will be a real time & mileage saver for me. Thanks!" - Pat from Tacoma